Monday, February 24, 2014

Half a day seminar in honour of Prof. M.Sridhar

Dear Viewers,

I Dr. D. Murali Manohar as Head, Dept. of English would like to hold half a day seminar in Honour of Prof. M. Sridhar on his Voluntary Retirement from his teaching career from the university on 31st January 2014. The date of the seminar is on 5th March 2014 at 2.00 p.m. onwards in ASIHSS Hall, School of Humanities Building.  The Guest of Honour Prof. M.Sridhar, Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, Vice-Chancellor will preside over the function. The speakers are as follows: Prof. Sudhakar Marathe, Retired Professor from UOH, Prof. V.B. Tharakeswar from EFLU, Hyderabad, and Prof. T. Vijay Kumar from Osmania University. All are welcome.

D.Murali Manohar

Monday, February 10, 2014

National Seminar on Dalit Literature

Dear Friends,

I would like to hold a two day National Seminar a debatable issue such as:


Those who are interested in participating in it, please let me know on or before 28th February 2014. The seminar would be held sometime in the month of April 2014. The seminar notification is attached.

Department of English

University of Hyderabad





National Seminar on


“Can Dalit Literature be a Core/Compulsory Course in Literature Departments?”: In Honour of Prof. M. Sridhar




3-4 April 2014



at ASIHSS Building


School of Humanities





Can Dalit Literature be a Core/Compulsory Course in Literature Departments?

The question “Can Indian Writing in English” be a core course?” was asked by Srinivasa Iyengar, the pioneer of Indian English Literature studies in order to make this course a part of English departments across the country. The same question has been raised in the minds of many Dalit scholars while doing research on Dalit literature. Can Dalit literature be a core course in not just English departments but also in other regional language departments? May I raise this debate as a meeting place to arrive at a resolution on this issue? Is it viable to have a course such as this? Are there enough texts to be included in the course outline? Are there sufficient numbers of theoretical texts to serve as background or to provide a framework for such a course?  Is there a distinct history of Dalits to design such a course? Is it significant to have a mandatory survey course on Dalits? So far this literature has been studied as an optional course. When and where do we start the mandatory course?  This debate can also throw light on translations and translated texts such as Jina Amucha into The Prisons We Broke, Antarani Vasantham into Untouchable Spring etc. to mention only two to be a part of this course.


Students, research scholars and faculty across departments of literature are welcome to take part in this debate. Paper readers have to travel on their own. No TA/DA will be paid to the paper readers.

 Call for Papers:

Papers are invited from post-graduate students, research scholars and faculty across the disciplines with a request to share their views and strengthen the efforts of the seminar. The papers presented will be brought out in the form of a book. Hence, paper readers are requested to send full-length papers and not a rough or a working paper. It is difficult to manage to put the papers together after the seminar.

Submission of Full Papers:

Contributors are requested to submit the abstracts of their papers in about 500 words to Dr. D. Murali Manohar, Head and Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad-500 046 on or before February 28, 2014. The selected participants will be intimated by email.

 Deadline for submitting the full paper:

Participants are requested to send their full paper in Times New Roman, 12 pint size in MS Word to the Coordinator either by post to the following address Dr. D. Murali Manohar, Head and Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad-500 046 or by email at or or before March 15, 2014. Contact Numbers: 09908569272 (M), 040-23133400 (O).

 Seminar Coordinator:     Dr. D. Murali Manohar

Deputy Coordinator:      Dr. Telugu Sireesha

 Dr. D.Murali Manohar
Head and Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad-500 046

Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Proposal

The project on History of Mala Dasari is completed. I have published the seminar proceedings in the book form entitled Dalit Hindu Narratives (2013). I have approached the publishers to publish the findings of the project in a book form entitled "Can Priest be an Untouchable?: Theorizing Vaishnava/ Mala Dasaris's Life, Culture and History". Let us hope it materializes soon.

Dr. D. Murali Manohar